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Ama Dablam 6.814m – 2017

Ama Dablam means „Mother’s necklace” as the long ridges on each side look like the arms of a mother protecting her child.

Island Peak 6.189m – 2018

The first time I reached Island Peak’s summit was in 2016, now leading an International Expedition to summit the peak again.

Ama Dablam 6,814m-2018

This expedition is a strong prerequisite to Everest. In terms of technicality Ama Dablam is considered harder than Everest.

Manaslu 8.163m – 2018

Challenging and unpredictable, the Mountain of the Soul will be my first +8,000er to summit and the start of reaching my dream.

Kilimanjaro 5.895m – 2018

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a good training for high altitude climbing, especially summiting it twice in a year: summer & winter ascent.

Mont Blanc 4.810 m – 2018

Have summited it 5 times and I still find it beautiful and challenging. I love this capricious mountain and will keep returning.