radu albu

Difficulty 92%
Technical 95%
Avalanches Risk 90%
Rate of summiting per year 70%

Year: 2017&2018 (2017 no summit)
Expedition:  Ama Dablam
Height: 6,856 m
Rank in the world: 6k+
Location: Nepal, Himalaya
Team: Expedition leader, Mountain Guide
First successful ascent: 1967

ma Dablam Expedition is one of the most spectacular mountain climbing adventures in Nepal.The pyramidal shaped Mt. Ama Dablam stands at (6812m/22349ft.) and is one of the most impressive mountains in the world. Located just to the south of Everest and Lhotse it is distinguished by its vertical walls to the south and north as well as the sharp exposed ridges from all directions. Ama is considered the Matterhorn of the Himalaya. The Matterhorn of Himalayas leaves a lasting impression on many as it is perhaps the most stunning mountain along the popular trekking route to Everest Base Camp. Ama Dablam means „Mother’s necklace” the long ridges on each side are like the arms of a mother protecting her child.

The hanging glacier is thought of as the Dablam, which traditionally is worn by Sherpa woman as a double-pendant containing pictures of the gods. While trekking in the Khumbu on the trekking route to Everest Base Camp, Ama Dablam stands monolithically above Tengboche monastery. A pearl of beauty in itself that commands its surroundings and captures your attention by its presence alone. This expedition is a serious undertaking and is a strong prerequisite to Everest. In terms of technicality Ama Dablam is considered harder than Everest. It demands a high skill   level in rock climbing and ice climbing; sufficient experience at high elevation and technical   competency.