expeditie manaslu radu albu

Difficulty 98%
Technical 65%
Avalanches Risk 90%
Rate of summiting per year 53%

Year:  2018
Expedition:  Manaslu
Height: 8,163 m
Rank in the world: 8
Location: Nepal, Himalaya
Team: International Expedition leader
First successful ascent: 1956

Short description of the Mountain

Manaslu Peak also known as “Kutang” it is the eighth highest peak in the world. It in the central-western part of Nepal. The exact coordinates are: Latitude 28°33’01”N, Longitude 84°33’42”E. Its name, which means „mountain of the spirit”, comes from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning „intellect” or „soul”. The route was opened by Japanese climbers Mr. Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu on May 9, 1956. Attention was being put on Manaslu since 1950 when Mr. Harold William Tilman made a reconnaissance expedition of the peak.

Why I chosen Manaslu as my first 8000er?

Some of my closest friends asked me “why did you choose Manaslu as a first 8000er?”. The answer was simple, I decided on Manaslu because of three reasons: the meaning of his name (The Mountain of the Spirit/Soul), because of his tall and sharp shape and as well because it’s an unpredictable and challenging mountain that is very similar to my personality.

Manaslu is considered the 4th most dangerous and unpredictable mountain in the league of the 8000ers, and if that is true it means that I will get plenty of challenges just right from the begging of my long way in achieving the amazing list of all the 14, +8000m peaks.