radu albu kilimanjaro

Difficulty 65%
Technical 15%
Avalanches Risk 1%
Rate of summiting per year 86%

Year: 2018 (2 times in a year: summer and winter ascent)
Expedition: Mt Kilimanjaro
Height: 5,895 m
Rank in the world: Seven Summits
Location: Tanzania, Africa
Team: Expedition leader, Mountain Guide
First successful ascent: 1889

Located in the north of Tanzania virtually straddling the country’s border with Kenya, Kilimanjaro is the remnants of three volcanos, to the west Shira and Mawenzi on the east, sandwiching Kibo – the tallest of the three – in the centre. Geographically speaking, its peaks are believed to have been formed about three million years ago during the formation of the Great Rift Valley. Now, highlighted by the flat plains which surround it, Kilimanjaro is the tallest stand-alone peak in the world. Its summit, known as Uhuru Peak (Uhuru meaning freedom in Swahili) stands at 5,895m (Source: SecretCompass).

radu albu