How expensive is the equipment for a 8,000 m expedition?

Besides the actual cost of each expedition that can vary between 10,000 and 40,000 euro, there is an upfront cost for the special equipment needed. Climbing at such altitude require special equipment, that is usually not cheap at all.

Here is a list with what I believe the necessary equipment is, and its cost:

  • First Layer x2: underpants, merino wool blouse, approx. 100 euro/set (total 200 euro)
  • Altitude socks: 35 eur/piece (total 100 euro)
  • Over pants (approx. 150 euro)
  • Hard shield, Gore-Tex jacket (approx. 300 euro)
  • Down suit (approx. 1000 euro)
  • Down gloves (approx. 150 euro)
  • La Sportiva Everest altitude boots (750 euro)
  • Sleeping bag for -40 C (approx. 850 euro)
  • Helmet, harness, ice axe, crampons, fall arrester, headlamp (approx. 350 euro)
  • Ski goggles 4th category, I recommend Julbo Aerospace as a brand (approx. 150 euro)
  • Other trekking clothes such as fleeces, pants, boots, T-Shirts etc. (approx. 500 euro)
  • Duffel bags x2 (approx. 150 euro)

While the total cost (around 4,000 euro) is quite high, this equipment can be used for up to 5 years, so it doesn’t have to be purchased for each expedition.